Pump drives/splitter gearboxes available from jbj Techniques Limited

BDP, BDSP, PFI 60P & 120P Clutches Pump Drives Technical Data Hydraulic Pump Adaptor Details All other data as per standard BD and BDS units. 6 BD, BDS and PFI clutches are available with hydraulic pump adator in place of output shaft on models BDP, BDSP and PFI P. The pump adaptors take the same form offered on the type AM multiple pump drive units, but the selection of adaptors may be restricted according to the clutch and pump combination planned. Further details are available from jbj Technical Department, telephone: 01737 767493 or email: info@jbj.co.uk BDP BDSP X Z Many other types of pumps may be accom- modated. Details available on request PFI 60P PFI 120P X Z