Pump drives/splitter gearboxes available from jbj Techniques Limited

Maximum Permissible Input Power Pump Drives 12 kW When selecting a suitable AM unit, it is necessary to consider the input power limits set below: (1) Stationary industrial applications, without cooling system for pump drive. (2) Mobile or intermittent applications, without cooling system for pump drive. (3) Stationary industrial applications, with Technodrive cooling system. Maximum continuous power may increase by using a stronger cooling system. Columns 1 and 2 indicate the maximum continuous and intermittent power for where it is unnecessary to have a pump drive cooling system. The values shown are only indicative in so far as a number of external factors within the environment may effect the working conditions. SAE Flywheel/Flywheel HousingDimensions In cases of application to diesel engines, the pump drives can be supplied with housing and coupling suitable for engines with flywheel and flywheel housing dimensions according to SAE standards. The dimensions to be checked are illustrated below. The same dimensions are valid for connections with clutches. The clutch pilot bearing (to assemble between the flywheel and the clutch shaft) is not included in the supply. AM 370 120 210 280 AM 270 90 170 300