DMO series pneumatic motors available from jbj Techniques Limited

Air Motor Applications Air-hydraulic sawmill Move log-feed carriage back Non-electrical sparking that operates log-holding spikes $ppOication 0arket or +ow 8seG )eatures 8tiOi]eG cartridges & forth drive hydraulic pump reversible Hoisting Equipment Power-driven tank Raise & lower scaႇold & rotate Variable speed Travelling bridge Power bridge, trolley, and hoist Variable speed cranes drives change direction of reversible Vertical door Raise and lower waterproof Nonelectrical Molten metal circulators Keep hot material circulating in Heat resistance, scaႇolds it around circular tanks Non-electrical sparking bulk tanks so outer edges don¶t nonelectric cool to congealing point portable Low temperature Drive agitators in liquid Variable speed bridge, trolley, and hoist liquid test units viscosity chambers temperature openers/closers ship bulkhead doors reversible Portable drum rotators Supply power to rotate steel drum Lightweight for mixing, blending, and cleaning variable speed into containers Non-electrical sparking ¿lling area carrying packages to and from Packaging Equipment Packaging machines Form packages and drive conveyor Variable speed Explosive packagers Mix and auger explosive mixture Variable speed Box formers Drive hot metal glue dispenser Variable speed heat resistance units application Paint Finishing Equipment Centrifugal enamelling Spin basket of parts coated by Variable speed Paint heaters Drive circulating pump on paint Non-electrical sparking turntable automatically Non-electrical sparking Portable paint mixers Drive propeller at end of shaft to mix Variable speed indexes, rotates spindles carrying variable speed 8rethane dispensing Agitate and mix urethane before Variable speed Paint spray rotators Rotate turntable and, when Corrosion resistance heater dipping to remove excess Non-electrical sparking pigments with binders on job site Non-electrical sparking parts to spraying enamel by centrifugal force