DMO series pneumatic motors available from jbj Techniques Limited

2013-08 / 04 Catalogue LM1 - 008 UK Page 42 Edition Bair entry differential pressure oiler 4 stud bolts M16x50 sieve filter mesh distance 3mm steering gear case with piston valve motor drive Aair entry flange NW65 2 remote control G 3/8“ feather key groove at DIN 6885 Bl.1 1 remote control G 3/8“ weight: m=660 kg X hand lever right / activation 1 Z 2 1 shaft face side DMO 35G FB5 MP shaft bottom / above Zshaft bottom Z shaft above X X Z shaft bottom Z shaft above anti clockwise rotation clockwise rotation 2 1 2 1 hand lever left / activation 2 clockwise rotation anti clockwise rotation changing rotation direction pneumatically or with hand lever „MP“, when operating with remote control, the hand lever must be removed.