Pneumatic (air) starters for diesel engines and turbines

D C A B Layout of a complete pneumatic starting system Diesel engine contour A - D = Customer specifications Bolt-on support Safety valve Main valve 3/2-way valve Adapter block Pressure monitor (provided) Main valve Pressure reduction valve Dirt trap Air inlet Air outlet Pinion If required and in consultation with the user, a complete starting system, like the one shown above, can be delivered instead of the starter. The pneumatic starting system additionally features a compressed-air reservoir (not included in the items) and a ball valve to prevent pressure loss caused by leakage. The dirt trap should always be installed between the compressed-air reservoir and pressure reduction valve in order to protect the electro-pneumatic valves against dirt penetration. The dirt trap therefore increases operational dependability and the reliability of the overall system. Permissible Starting torque p and n = 2000 rpm Connectionwidth Weight max Type operating at nominal width pressure p p Power Air consumption max max 3 bar Nm kW Nm /min inch kg PS 24/20 12 145 22 25 G1 1/2“ 35 PS 32/20 12 220 28 30 G1 1/2“ 38 PS 61/20 HY 12 415 52,5 52 G2“ 52 PS 2360 HY 15 510 70 62 G2“ 52 3 #DriveLineHarmony Pneumatic Starters Pneumatic Starting System