Pneumatic (air) starters for diesel engines and turbines

PS 2360HY Characteristic curves, calculation of air consumption Approximate calculation of air consumption for a starting operation Duration of starting procedure: 3 sec. Starter pinion speed: 1500 rpm, at ignition speed of motor Operating pressure at starter p : 6 bar e 3 Air consumption of starter at 1500 rpm and p 6 bar: 22.7 m /min, (diagram) e 3 Air consumption per start: 22.7 *3 ΔV = = 1.15 m 60 *Since a constant speed of 1500 rpm over 3 sec. was expected, savings in compressed air for the run-up phase from 0 to 1500 rpm is not taken into consideration. Approximate determination of size of air reservoir Number of starting procedures: 3 Pressure in reservoir (assumed): 30 bar Usable pressure drop: 24 bar 3 Total air consumption: 3.45 Nm 3 Size of air reservoir: 0.144 m 11 #DriveLineHarmony Pneumatic Starters PS 2360HY Pneumatic Starter