METALDRIVE® disc couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited #DriveLineHarmony Definitions 5 T = peak torque capacity for a maximum of 10 times (Nm) Kmax T = torque transmissible by the coupling at the maximum RPM with the allowable misalignments (Nm) Kn T = maximum torque variation allowable by the coupling from the nominal torque TKN with a frequency of 10 Hz (Nm). KW Coupling Selection » Calculate the nominal torque to be transmitted: T = nominal torque of the machine (Nm) N P = input power (kW) n = RPM (1/min) » Verify coupling nominal torque TK : TK ≥T ∙k N n N k = service factor » Verify coupling maximum torque with machine peak and starting torque. It is allowed up to 5 peaks or start up per hour: T ≥ T Kmax S T = starting or peak torque (Nm). S » In case of direct start with AC motor, it is important to consider driver and driven inertias. In case of transmission with torque inversion, the maximum torque variation TW should not be higher than the maximum coupling torque TKW. TKW ≥ TW » Verify working conditions. Particularly maximum speed must not exceed the permissible value. Dynamic balancing (optional) allows higher speeds. Permissible speed could be limited by the weight and critical speed of spacers. Please consult jbj Techniques technical office: +44 (0)1737 767493 or email: Service Factor k and Load Classification n 9550 P TN • = Selection Procedure ® METALDRIVE Disc Couplings 3 H M M U M U U M H H H U M U U M U M M Piston compressors Turbo compressors Rotary piston blowers Blowers (axial / radial) Cooling tower fans Turbo blowers Centrifugal pumps (low viscosity liquid) Centrifugal pumps (viscous liquid) Piston pumps Plunger pumps Pressure pumps Bottling and container filling Cane crushers, knives, mills Bread machines Packaging machines Sugar beet machines Agitators (liquid material) Agitators (semi-liquid material Centrifuges (heavy) U M M M M M H M M U M H M M H M Centrifuges (light) Drums Mixers Concrete mixers Hoists Road construction machinery Frequency transformers Generators Welding generators Hoisting Slewing Travelling Tumblers Washing machines Barkers Planning machines H H H H H H H H H M H H H U M H H H M Mills Breakers Brick presses Ovens (rotary) Cold rolling mills Casting plants (continuous) Heavy and medium plate mills Manipulators Roller tables (heavy) Roller tables (light) Sheet mills Forging presses Hammers Machine tools, auxiliary drive Machine tools, main drives Metal planning machines Plate straightening machine Presses Sheet metal bending machines Driver machine Driver machine load class U M H Electric motor, turbine, hydraulic motor 1,1 1,5 2 Piston engines with more than 3 cylinders 1,5 1,7 2,3 Piston engines up to 3 cylinders 1,7 2 2,6 U = uniform load M = medium frequency peak load H = high frequency peak load Compressors Saw frames Wood working machines H U Marble, clay, and stone working machines Metal rolling mills Food industry machinery Pumps Blowers, Ventilators Chemical industry Wood working machines Cranes Laundry machines Generators, transformers Building machinery