METALDRIVE® disc couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited #DriveLineHarmony Installation & Maintenance ® METALDRIVE Disc Couplings ® Metaldrive vertical assembling ® METALDRIVE couplings come unassembled unless ordered to be assembled. When mounting the coupling, it is important to follow the specific recommendations. ® Due to the modular design of the METALDRIVE coupling, single parts can be replaced. For optimum performance all components must be in perfect conditions. ® METALDRIVE couplings are designed for horizontal mounting. In case of vertical mounting, the coupling weight must be supported. » Carefully clean bores, shaft ends and the flange where the screws are positioned. » Position the hubs on the shafts of the machines. Hub faces must be flush with shaft end. Introduce setscrew and tighten properly. » Position the driver and driven unit to be connected. » Carefully align the shafts to be connected. Proper initial alignment allows misalignments during motion and ensures transmission durability. It is therefore suggested to check shaft alignments with an indicator before the machine start up. » Mount the disc pack with screws and nuts. Tighten to torque Ms holding the screws and turning the nuts. » Install the spacer between the hubs and connect it to the already assembled disc pack with screws and nuts (in case of long spacer, it is important to support the spacer). Tighten to torque Ms holding the screws still and turning the nuts. » Check shaft alignment again. When hubs are machined by the user, it is recommended to ask for correct concentricity and perpendicularity tolerances which could affect coupling life. » There is no need for lubrication. Safety norms All rotating parts must be protected against any possibility of contact with people. Protection must be designed so that even in case of coupling failure, personnel and equipment is protected. 11