Low speed, high torque hydraulic motors available from jbj Techniques Limited

» High power density - high power level considering the relatively small size. Axial piston motors are used in restricted space of precision cylindrical forgery machines to control the working hub onforgery tools. The strongest RM5000 radial piston motor can move weights of 100 tonnes in steelworks transport carts. » Jerk-free start up. Ideal in the operation of fire engine turntable ladders or fork-lift trucks which need to position heavy loads safely and quickly, often at extreme lifting heights. » Low operating noise of these hydraulic motors make them particularly suitable for stagecraft in theatres and opera houses » High axial and radial forces on the shaft permissible due to the very compact construction of these hydraulic motors combined with suitable roller bearings. For instance as a drive for screw pumps for highly viscose media. » High resistance to environmental influences makes these hydraulic motors ideal for rolling mills producing rolled steel bands, driven under temperatures of up to 90°C or the level control of offshore drilling platforms which are washed by salt water breakers. » The excellent control of speed and torque makes these hydraulic motors ideal for rewinder mechanisms in film blowing machines where freshly blown film must be spooled with constant traction so that the film does not rip and the thickness of the file remains constant. with fixed and with adjustable displacement according to Directive 94/9/EC. ATEX Many types of drives can fulfil the elementary function of driving a machine but . . . Düsterloh hydraulic motors have lots of additional features and characteristics which other types of drives cannot match. This is why Düsterloh hydraulic motors are the first choice for solving a wide variety of complex drive problems. Düsterloh hydraulic motors have a high starting torque. This is required for instance, for safe operation of the heavy gates on the material lock in a nuclear power plant or to hand over the weighty coils in a rolling mill. Due to the low amount of revolving mass, the rotational direction can be quickly changed in Düsterloh hydraulic motors. This feature is very important in many test benches; when performing vibration tests on motorcycle forks or when testing the adjustment of wing flaps on aircrafts. The components can perform up to 50 rotational direction changes per second. An exact adherance to the specified rotational speed profile is of essential importance for many fields of application of hydraulic motors. Düsterloh now presents a new generation of motors, for which a significantly improved constancy of rotational speed was achieved compared to conventional motors. Hydraulic Motors » Explosion protected » Further information including pdf catalogues please go to www.jbj.co.uk or contact jbj Techniques Ltd technical office