Flender backlash-free power transmission couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited

www.jbj.co.uk/couplings.html#flender Bipex-S Series General Information Backlash Free Couplings 22 #DriveLineHarmony The couplingmust be dimensioned such that the rated torque of the drive including service factors does not exceed the rated torque of the coupling. Dimensioning according to torque In order to increase the torsional rigidity and therefore minimize the torsional backlash, it is possible to apply significantly higher service factors for main spindle or positioning drives. T ≥ T × FB × FT KN N Uniform 1.25 Rough 2.0 < 125 1.0 Preliminary dimensioning Non Uniform 1.5 Torque characteristic of drive Service factor FB -30 °C to +30 °C 1.0 to +60 °C 1.4 Temperature range Temperature factor FT to +80 °C 1.8 to +100 °C 2.0 to +120 °C 2.8 Please note the permissible temperature ranges of different coupling elements / cam rings. Starts per hour Startup factor FA 250 to 500 1.6 500 to 1000 1.8 > 1000 2.0 Checking the peak torques TKN ≥ TS x FB x FT T = T x J x FA or T = T x J x FA S AS L S LS A The coupling size selected during the preliminary dimensioning process must also be suitable with respect to peak torques at the drive and load ends. 125 to 250 1.3 Checking the shaft-hub connection Checking themaximumspeed Checking the permitted shaft misalignment For formula symbols see page 6. J + J J + J A L A L For all load situations n > n Kmax max The actual shaft misalignment must be less than the permitted shaft misalignment for all load situations. In the case of clamping connections without feather key, it must be ensured that the transmissible torque of the hub connection is greater than the peak torque at the coupling.