Equipment for hazardous areas from jbj Techniques Limited

11 Shipment date Type 1 Type 3 Type 4 Traceable serial number Part number of individual component ATEX Marking Information Equipment for Hazardous Areas TX - maximum surface temperature depends on operating conditions (see notes on page 3 and 4). Specific marking of explosion protection Equipment group II Category 2 Gasses & Dust Equipment group I Category M2 (Mines) jbj Techniques Limited, 28 Trowers Way Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, Redhill Surrey RH1 2LW, United Kingdom Temperature Classification Code JBJ - RH1 2LW - UK II 2GD - I M2 - TX -50°C ≤ Service Temp ≤ 105°C Safety related information. Resilient element bolt tightening torque Coupling assembly part number ELEMENT BOLT TORQUE 9.2 Nm ASY JXL 25/8/24/20K6X40