Drive Shafts & Yoke Drives available from Techniques Limited

Consult jbj Techniques technical office telephone: +44 (0)1737 767493 or email: for applications not listed. Flywheel Couplings are used in diesel engine applications where torsional vibration occurs. The flexible neoprene elements absorb vibration and reduce shock loads, while providing a steady damping effect. These couplings take up very little space while transmitting a surprising amount of torque. Available with a wide variety of splines and bores & keyways that come ready to bolt to your flywheel. The splines do not lock onto the shaft in order to allow for any axial movement. This is similar to a drive shaft assembly in automotive applications. All components have been designed for maximum life when operated at normal engine speeds, torque, alignment, and appropriately serviced. »Eliminates human error with our easy, one-piece design (perfect for a production environment)! »Splined and bore and keyway options for your specific applications. »Operating temperatures: -40°C to +104°C (-40°F to 220°F). »Precisionmachined for consistent quality. DesignCharacteristics »Various series for standard SAE flywheels and non-standard flywheels (including engine housings). »Spline lubrication including the coupling assembly. Applications Our one-piece coupling is used on off-highway construction equipment. Aerial lifts, bucket loaders, skid-steer loaders, excavators, sweepers, wheeled loaders, and more. »Sturdy, steel plate for continuous load support. Steel YellowZinc (Trivalent by 1-1-07) Flywheel Plate. »Large driving surfaces for easy installation and longer drive life. Drive Hub non-standard application. Features andAdvantages »Provides a steady dampening effect under load. »Absorbs vibration and shock loads to optimize the life of your pump components. »Two set screws for clamping bore and keyway applications. »Yellow Zinc (Trivalent by 1-1-07) plating to protect against corrosive wear. »Rugged steel construction. »Multiple hub lengths allow for easy installation in any standard SAE or »Heat-treated splines to prevent premature shaft wear. Yellow Zinc Plated Drive Bushings Drive Hub Custom Flywheel Plate Drive Insert Elements Spline/Bore and Keyway Drive. Standard or Bespoke. Mechanical Power Transmission Flywheel Couplings 7 #DriveLineHarmony