Drive Shafts & Yoke Drives available from Techniques Limited Mechanical Power Transmission Yellow Jacket Drive Shafts 4 #DriveLineHarmony If inserts need to be replaced you will want to order the itembelow: The following components will last much longer than the inserts. What you can do to check the integrity of the drive shaft is while the inserts are removed pull and push on the center of the drive shaft. If you feel movement then the bearings and following components should be changed before testing is continues. Part Number 9110 KDDQty: 2 (Bearings) Remember toGrease universal joints every 250 hours (Do not over fill). Use high-pressure lithium grease. Universal joints should be checked each time the inserts are changed to ensure they do not need to be replaced. The maintenance working on these cells should be able to tell the difference between a good and bad universal joint. Acomplete rebuild consists of the following: Part Number 720000-02 Qty: 1 Part Number CP85WB-HWDQty: 2 (Universal joint) Part Number 33210 Qty: 1 (Tapered Bearing) Part NumberAS-338 Qty: 1 (O-Ring) Important: If there is any damage to themetal ring or other metal components a complete rebuild should be performed.