Coolers and heat exchangers from jbj Techniques Limited

Plate Heat Exchangers SPB & SPBT Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers » Compact alternatives to conventional Shell & Tube coolers. » Vacuum brazed units ensure system integrity. » High efficiency means reduced coolant requirement. » Small size allows for reduce pipe and space requirements. » Optimised performance delivers exact system requirements. » Reduced size and weight improves shipping costs. » Plates pressed in either AISI 316L with SMO 254 available on request. » Copper or Nickel braze suits all environments and applications. » Various pipe connections and accessories available. » Accept temperatures up to 200°C and pressure of up to 31 bar. » ASME code certified and UL listed designs available on request. SPGC, SPGL, SPGLD & SPGX Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers » Gasketed versions for ease of assembly and cleaning. » Designed to suit individual customers requirements. » Fail safe design eliminates cross fluid contamination. » Modular design provides maximum efficiency of fluid heat transfer. » Unit performance can be adjusted by adding or reducing plate numbers when requirements change. » A variety of channel arrangements offer different solutions within the same footprint. » 3 Maximum flows up to 4,600 metres per hour. » Maximum pressures up to 25 bar. » Temperature range from -40 to 180°C. » Various pipe connections from DN 25 - DN500, weld neck flanges or threaded. » Plate materials in AISI 304, 316L and Titanium combat the most arduous conditions. » Optimised performance meets exact system requirements. Removable Cover Carrying Bar Guide Bar Fixed Cover Plate Pack Roller Assembly Gasket #DriveLineHarmony