Clutches and Gearboxes from jbj Techniques Limited

Description Type BD clutches have been designed to mount onto any engine with flywheel and bellhousing conforming to SAE dimensions. These clutches consist of an overcentre clutch assembly mounted onto a tapered shaft carried on two bearings. The pilot bearing is housed in the engine flywheel and the outer bearing serves to support the output shaft and is capable of withstanding radial loads as detailed within this catalogue. For exceptionally high radial loads models BD290/150R, BD2200R and BD3300R are available with special heavy duty bearings. Power is transmitted by clutch plates located within a driving ring bolted to the engine flywheel. The clutch mechanism is equipped with a unique automatic clutch adjustment device capable of compensating for reasonable clutch plate wear. Type BDS units provide a unique range of free-standing clutches intended for applications where engine mounting is not possible. BDS clutches consist of a BD type clutch but with a drive plate supported on the input shaft carried on two bearings in the independent bellhousing. The drive plate carries the driving ring and main shaft pilot bearing. BDP and BDSP clutch units are constructed as per the standard type BD and BDS clutches, but offer a selection of hydraulic pump adaptors in place of output shaft. Selection BD clutches must initially be selected to match the available SAE flywheel and housing offered on the diesel prime mover. Subsequent study must be made to ensure that the clutch unit selected is capable of offering sufficient torque capacity to provide the service factor recommended for the application. Please note that the maximum torque figures published in our literature do not include a service factor. Clutch selection must take the following into account: 1. Type of prime mover. 2. Inertia of machine to be driven. 3. Peak torque requirement of machine. 4. Number of clutch engagements per hour and duration of engagement. The tables below will assist with selection. Table A gives the service factor according to prime mover and application. Multiply input HP by this factor, and when applied to Table B, taking account of input RPM and the corrected input HP, the clutch selected must appear to the right of the convergence point. If in doubt, contact Clutches & Gearboxes jbj technical department, telephone: 01737 767493 or email: BD Engine Mounted Clutches 4 Table A Table B