bellhousings from jbj Techniques Limited

Bellhousings from jbj Techniques Limited The most comprehensive range of bellhousings in Europe, for use with Imperial or Nema standard electric motors, petrol, diesel and air motors. Manufactured in either aluminium, grey cast iron or SG Iron to suit a variety of environments. JBJ Techniques Ltd manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of bellhousings in Europe meeting all European and worldwide standards such as VDMA, ATEX. Tailored to suit each individual drive, we have the ability to connect electric motors with frame sizes from D56 to D400L to any given pump type without misalignment. L Series Bellhousing Because of the variety of pumps that our bellhousings cater for the dimensions in the tables apply only to bellhousings with unmachined pump face detail. Details missing are the pump spigot and fixings. Spigots smaller than 'E' dimensions are obtained by the use of steel adaptor rings. RV Series Bellhousing Monobloc-Bellhousings with noise damper acc. to VDMA 24 561. The connection between the noise damping ring and the bellhousing is of moulded design using a form conclusive and vulcanised elastomer compound and is designed to avoid rotation and radial wind up. The design provides a noticeable improvement in stiffness, resulting in a tensile strength of 56 kN, (based upon a monoblock bellhousing with a motor flange diameter of 300mm and is suitable for use with an electric motor with frame size D132). The higher stiffness results in reduced shaft misalignment and increases the service life of the drive coupling. Cast Iron Bellhousings Material: Grey Cast Iron Grade 17 Bs1452 ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas. GGRV Bellhousings to VDMA Standard Rigid Version RV Ø D = 160 to 350 mm according to VDMA 24 561 Bellhousings with flange Ø D1 = 160 mm according to VDMA 24 561 only in rigid version. Noise reduction version with flange Ø D1 = 200 mm with screwed damping flange on request.