All Steel Gear Couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited

an excellence in engineering As a foot note it is a matter of company pride that the coupling specified and supplied by jbj Techniques performed in exactly the way it was supposed to. The research and development process has only added to the knowledge base needed to help Bloodhound SSC succeed in its mission of breaking the land speed record but most importantly of all inspiring the young to be the future engineers that shape the World we all live in. We are all eager to see Bloodhound SSC ‘flying’ across Hakskeen Pan in South Africa, driven by Wing Commander Andy D. Green OBE BA RAF the British Royal Air Force fighter pilot and World Land Speed Record holder. Image credited to Flock and Siemens see for details 01737 767493 quality products for mechanical & fluid power - registered in England No: 1185469 - jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/E requirements You Tube