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Typical Properties of Lovejoy Gear Coupling Grease NLGI Grade 0/1 Appearance Dark Brown, Tacky Lithium Soap / Polymer, wt% 10.0 Viscosity @ 40° C, cST >3200 @ 100° C, cSt >50 Penetration. Dmm Worked, 60x 350 Worked, 10,000, % Change 10 Dropping Point, ° F 320° (160° C) Centrifugal Oil Separation, vol% None Water Spray-Off, wt% >3 Rust Protection Pass Timken, OK Load, lbs 40+ Four-Bal EP Load Wear Index, kgf 68 Weld Point, kgf 400 Four-Ball Wear, mm 1 hr, 75° C, 1200 RPM, 40 kgf 0.4 Guide to Usable Temperature Min, ° F Below -20° (-29° C) Continuous Service, Max, ° F 250° (121° C) Short Exposure, Max, ° F 325° (163° C) Why CouplingGrease? Adequate lubrication is essential for satisfactory gear coupling operation. Lovejoy Gear Coupling Grease is specifically designed for gear coupling applications to increase coupling life while drastically reducing maintenance time. Its high viscosity base oil and tackifier combine to keep the grease in place and prevent separation and it is in complete compliance with NSI/AGMA9001- B97 lubrication recommendations. Lovejoy Coupling Grease is dark brown in colour and manufactured with a lithium soap/polymer thickener, which has superior resistance to oil separation when subjected to high centrifugal forces normally found in couplings. Bearing or general purpose greases tend to separate and lose effectiveness due to high centrifugal forces on the various ingredients at high rotational speeds. These high centrifugal forces encountered in couplings separate the base oil from the thickeners. Heavy thickeners, which have no lubrication qualities, accumulate in the gear tooth mesh area resulting in premature coupling failure. Lovejoy Gear Coupling Grease is designed to be highly resistant to centrifugal separation of the oil and thickener, which allows the lubricant to be used for a relatively long period of time. One of the secrets to the success of Lovejoy Gear Coupling Grease is the variable consistency throughout the working cycle of the application. The consistency of our gear coupling grease changes with the operating conditions. Working of the lubricant under actual service conditions causes the grease to become semi-fluid, functionall bricating the wear surfaces of the coupling.As the grease cools, it returns to the original consistency, thereby preventing leakage. y splash lu Lovejoy Gear Coupling Grease is available from stock in 14 oz. cartridges, 1 lb. and 5 lb. cans. Features » Minimizing of coupling wear » Resistance to water washing » Corrosion and rust protection » High load carrying capabilities » Extended relubrication frequency » Use at temperatures up to 163° C » Stays in place under high speeds » Resistance to centrifugal separation » Reduction in down time &maintenance cost Lovejoy Gear Coupling Grease has a consistency which overlaps the NLGI grades 0 and 1. This grease is specially formulated with a lithium/polymer thickener and fortified with corrosion, oxidation, extreme pressure, and a effective rust inhibitor additive package. Hercuflex All-Steel Gear Couplings Lubrication ® 19