All Steel Gear Couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited

Limited End Float Spacer Type The addition of plates restricts axial travel to the driver or driven shafts. The spacer makes it possible to remove the hubs from either shaft without disturbing the connected units. Vertical Type This coupling has the same torque, RPM and misalignment capabilities as the standard couplings of corresponding sizes.Aplate with a hardened crowned button rests on the lower shaft which supports the weight of the sleeve. Vertical Floating Shaft Type The lower coupling has a hardened crowned button inserted in the plate of the lower hub. The entire floating assembly rest on the button. Optional construction of the upper coupling would be a rigid hub on the floating shaft with a flex half on the top. Jordan Type Used on Jordan machines and refiners, this design is similar to the slide type coupling except the long hub is split and secured to the shaft with a bolt clamp. This permits quick axial adjustment of the Jordan shafts in this hub. Insulated Type Use of a non-metallic material between flanges and around the bolts prevents any stray currents from one shaft to the other. Hercuflex All-Steel Gear Couplings Flanged Sleeve Gear Couplings ® 17