All Steel Gear Couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited

Hercuflex All-Steel Gear Couplings Selection Process ® Gear Coupling Selection Process Factors Affecting Selection The following is a list of the information necessary to assist in making a coupling selection. Not all of these items will come into play in all selection processes. These items include, but are not limited to: • Application details • Type of motor and driven equipment • Motor KW or horsepower • Operating/coupling speed • Shaft sizes and separation • Space and size constraints • Environment (temperature, chemicals, etc) • Balance requirements • Special modifications Steps In Selecting A Gear Coupling Refer to the gear coupling specifications charts displayed with each type of coupling throughout this catalogue. The pictures and charts provide visualization, specifications, and dimensional data for Lovejoy’s HercuFlex gear coupling products. Typically start with an FX Type flanged gear coupling or a CX Type continuous sleeve gear coupling and proceed from there. Step 1: Review the gear coupling series and type as selected to ensure the selection meets application requirements. Step 2: Determine the nominal application torque in Nm by using the following formula: Application Torque Nm = (KW x 9550) RPM or in–lb = (HP x 63025) RPM Step 3: Review the Application Service Factor chart for the service factor number associated with the application where this coupling will be used. Multiply the application torque by the application service factor to determine the total torque required for the coupling selection. Step 4: Compare the required total torque value with the nominal torque capacity listed in the Gear Coupling Selection chart for the desired coupling type. Step 5: Check that the maximum bore size and the maximum RPM of the coupling type selected to ensure the coupling will meet these application requirements. Step 6: Note any special requirements including the between shaft ends dimension for floating shaft and spacer types, shear pin torque, slide coupling details, mill motor tapered shaft data, and any other relevant information. *Contact jbj Techniques technical office telephone: 01737 767493 or email: for any unusual applications or circumstances. See opposite page for application service factors. 1