Marzocchi ALPC/GHPC short multiple hydraulic gear pumps, from jbj Techniques Limited

GHM Series Gear Motors The GHM series offer identical configurations to the ALM series but more robust thanks to the cast iron front flange and rear cover. ALM Series Gear Motors For medium to high pressure rates the ALM series is ideal for mobile and industrial sectors. Mono-directional and bi-directional with internal and external drain available. ALPC/GHPC Series Short Multiple Gear Pumps For reduced axial layout. Available with both flanges and covers in aluminium or cast iron. High production rates, performance consistency and absolute reliability ensure this a benchmark product for the hydraulic power pack market. 1P Series Gear Pumps Extensive range and very high performance of these pumps integrated in to micro power packs make them ideal for many applications from aerospace to marine, medical to automotive. 0.25 - 0.5 Series Micro Gear Pumps This product range includes pumps of displacements (up to 200cc/rev) in a full aluminium configuration, able to withstand medium to high pressures and using different versions of flanges (European, German and SAE), porting and shafts. Mono-directional as well as reversible. ALP Series Gear Pumps The GHP series offer identical configurations to theALP series and guarantees extreme reliability in very high pressure applications. Ideal for mobile applications from agricultural to construction machines as the cast iron allows more flange, cover and port options. GHP Series Gear Pumps Modularity and flexibility are the characteristics of these pumps. They allow the assembly of pump modules of the ALP and GHP (from 0.25 to 4) enabling solutions to a wide range of application requirements. Ideal pump for applications which require a fast approach and/or return of the actuator at low loads and slow motion of the actuator at high loads. e.g. log splitters, compactors & presses. Volumetric andmechanical efficiencies as well as low noise levels are further benefits of this range. High/Low 2-Pass Gear Pumps ALP/GHP Series Multiple Modular Gear Pumps ELIKA® The low noise, low pulsation helical gear pump. Groups 2, 3, 4 and multiple pumps. Reduces the noise level by up to 20 dBA. #DriveLineHarmony 01737 767493 - registered in England No: 1185469 - jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/E requirements jbj Techniques Limited, UK distributor for .html gear-pumps 5