Marzocchi Modular Multiple Pumps from jbj Techniques Limited.

Fill the pump with fluid, and turn it by hand. » the torque value transmitted by the first stage shaft is the total of the torque values transmitted by each single stage. Before starting the systemon a continuous basis, we suggest to adopt some simple precautions. Protect drive shaft seal during pump painting. Check if contact area between seal ring and shaft is clean: dust could cause quicker wear and leakage. Ensure that intake and return pipes ends are always below fluid level and as far fromeach other as possible. When possible, refer to the indications given on single stage catalogues for ALP, GHP and micro-pump series to set torque values as absorbed by each pump stage. Max. torque value applicable to the primary drive of the front stage of a modular multiple pump is specified in the overview table in the catalogue forALP and GHP series. Max. torque values applicable to the secondary shafts of middle and/or back stages are the following: Disconnect pump drain during startup to bleed air off the circuit. Avoid lower rotation speed thanmin. allowed with pressure higher than P1. »max. rotation speed is the lowest rotation speed amongmax. rotation speeds of each stage. Remove all dirt, particles and all foreign bodies from flanges connecting inlet and delivery ports. »operating pressures are limited by max. torque values which can be transmitted by the shaft of the first stage and the shaft connecting one or more stages. Max. Torque 18 Nm 18 Nm 50 Nm 100 Nm 220 Nm 550 Nm Check for the proper alignment of pump shaft andmotor shaft. It is necessary that the connection does not induce axial or radial loads. In the case of amono-directional motor check for the direction of rotation of the pump to be consistent with the drive shaft (in case of single rotation pump). InstallationNotes Install the pump below head if possible. At first startup, set pressure limiting valves at min. value possible. Group 0.25 0.5 ALP, GHP1 ALP, GHP2 ALP, GHP3 ALP4 Do not start the systemat low temperatures under load conditions or after long stops (always avoid or limit load starting for pump longer life). Start the system for a fewminutes and turn on all components; bleed air off the circuit to check its proper filling. Check fluid level in the tank after loading all components. At last, gradually increase pressure, continuously check fluid and moving parts temperature, check rotation speed until you reach set operating values that shall be within the limits indicated in this catalogue. It is essential for correct running, top performance and longer life of hydraulic gear pumps to follow the installation and running information provided in this catalogue. Some general considerations should be made regarding the hydraulic system, in which the pump is to be fitted. Special attention should be given to hydraulic system design and assembly, especially to intake, delivery, return and drain pipes and position of system parts (valves, filters, tanks, heat exchangers and accumulators). Proper safety devices and reliable instruments to avoid fluid turbulence and prevent air, water or foreign bodies from entering into the system are of major importance. It is also very important to equip the hydraulic systemwith a proper filtering unit. »ensure that power absorbed by the front stage is higher than or equal to the power absorbed by the back stage in two-stage pumps or the middle parts in three-stage pumps or pumps featuringmore stages. For correct use of Marzocchi modular pumps, please comply with the following: Gear Pumps ALP-GHP Series Installation and Running Information 8 #DriveLineHarmony