Marzocchi Modular Multiple Pumps from jbj Techniques Limited.

Gear Pumps ALP3 - GHP3 Series 32 #DriveLineHarmony D Type Rotation Size Ports° Seals° Options° omit A** A3** °° Clockwise S Counter Clockwise GHPP3-D-40 = rear element GHP series, group 3, clockwise rotation, 26 cm³/rev displacement, flanged ports E type, standard seals. Pump Standard Types The product data sheets show our standard model types. The synoptic tables for flanges, shafts and ports show all the possible configurations. For further details about the availability of each configuration please contact jbj Techniques technical office, email: or telephone: +44 (0)1737 767493 ALPI3-66 =mediumelementALP series, group 3, clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation, 44 cm³/rev displacement, flanged ports E type, standard seals. ALPA3-D-80 = standard / front element ALP series, group 3, European flange, clockwise rotation, 52 cm³/rev displacement, 1:8 tapered shaft, flanged ports E type, standard seals. Ordering Code Shaft* ... * = for the modular element don’t specify direction of rotation ** = to be specified only A element ° = to be specified if not standard **TR reinforced seal. V °°AC common inlet **OR Seals omit (T range = -10°C + 80°C) Options AS (separate inlet) °° = only for GHP series 30 33 40 50 60 66 80 94 110 120 135 BK1** °° ALP GHP A3 I3 P3 omit* * ° 5** °° Series Element