Marzocchi ALM series hydraulic gear motors, groups 1, 2 and 3 including relief valve and anti-cavitation valve versions from jbj Techniques Limited

For further information concerning the dimensions of the available fittings, please refer to the GHPSeries gear pumps catalogue. Fittings Cast iron and steel fittings are available as follows, complete with assembly screws, washers and NBR seals (temperature range -30°C to +100°C). Screws tightening torque are showed in the following tables. Spare Gasket Kit The standardmodel types are supplied with NBR seals.Allowed operating conditions are indicated in the technicalinformation section. In case of change of the motor's seals, please pay attention to not damage the parts; it is important to clean all the components in order to avoid contamination and to tighten themotor bolts correctly. 46 #DriveLineHarmony Gear Motors Accessories ALM3 Series 650241/R 650242/R 650243/R 650252/R 650225/R 650253/R 650255/R 650254/R 650259/R 650260/R 650261/R 650262/R 650230/R 650256/R 650258/R 650257/R 650343/R 650344/R 650346/R 650345/R 650335/R 650336/R 650338/R 650337/R 650347/R 650348/R 650350/R 650349/R 650339/R 650340/R 650342/R 650341/R omit V ST H omit V ST H omit V ST H omit V ST H omit V ST H omit V ST H omit V ST H omit V ST H Group Type Rotation Seals ALM1 ALM2 ALM3 D/S all all R D/S D/S D/S R R R omit A Options Code omit omit omit omit ad esclusione del modello GHM2BK7 / type GHM2BK7 escluded