Marzocchi ALF/GHF modular flow dividers, from jbj Techniques Limited

Getting the most out of your machinery often depends on close integration between all components. An organisation that manufactures and integrates all the diverse components of a drivetrain provides the experience to help you select the best component combination for your application. jbj Techniques’ in-house design team and manufacturing facility provide tailored solutions for your applications at competitive prices with quick delivery. The following examples are a simplistic view of how jbj Techniques assists customers. Hydraulic Adaptors Designed primarily to allow the close coupling of hydraulic pumps to a variety of prime movers, such as diesel / petrol engines, electric, air or hydraulic motors, they can also be used in the connection from prime mover to alternative driven parts i.e. gear boxes, generators, water or vacuum pumps etc. An additional range of engine front PTO adaptors, which provide additional connection between the engine pulley and the driven part are also available. The kit comprises of a and flexible bellhousing drive that are fully machined to suit the coupling driving and driven components. These can be to suit either shaft to shaft, flange (flywheel) to shaft or even flange to flange connections. Getting the most out of your equipment will demand close integration between all components. In specifying jbj Techniques as your preferred supplier, you will have selected a company with the experience to specify, manufacture and integrate all of the diverse components that will ensure the best component combination for your application. jbj's in house design team and manufacturing facility provide tailored solutions for your applications at competitive pricing and on-time deliveries. Pump shaft alignment is key to preventing unnecessary wear and damage to the pump shaft seal and bearing. Improper alignment may lead to premature pump failure. Also to be considered are unwanted torsional resonant frequencies in the system which can quickly cause damage to components in the drivetrain and reduce system life and performance. Improper pump installation can lead to premature failure, increased maintenance costs and reduced production levels of final product. jbj Techniques can advise on the correct installation of into Industrial / hydraulic pumps mobile / marine / machine tool / agricultural / offshore industries and can specify complete driveline systems from their extensive range of components which are available from stock or manufactured to order, albeit simple or complex, standard or bespoke. Electric Motor – Hydraulic Pump Adaptors (safe area) jbj Techniques Limited offer the most comprehensive range of in Europe. bellhousings Designed to connect electric motors with frame size IEC D56 - D400 (0.06kW – 750kW) and can be compatible with electric motor 'B5' or 'B14' flange configurations. Accompanying the metric frame units above is a complete range of mountings to suit Nema and imperial frame motors with 'C' face or 'D' flange fitments. With fully machined , torsionally flexible couplings or available, jbj ensure torsionally rigid couplings the most suitable combination is selected for the application in hand. As an example spider couplings are available in various materials including aluminium, grey cast iron, nodular iron, steel and stainless steels and can be finish machined with parallel, taper or splined bores to DIN, SAE, ANSI or ISO standards. Bellhousings can be manufactured in aluminium or cast iron material as standard, however, units can be produced in a variety of exotic materials on request. The aluminium product range is produced in either monoblock or composite formats giving great flexibility in design and allows for early delivery time, often with same or next day delivery possibilities. For applications where low noise levels are a quality products for mechanical & fluid power #DriveLineHarmony an excellence in engineering