Low speed, high torque hydraulic axial piston motors available from jbj Techniques Limited

an excellence in engineering www.jbj.co.uk/ .html h ydraulic-motors These hydraulic motors have a high starting torque, ideal for instance, for safe operation of the heavy gates on the material lock in a nuclear power plant or to hand over the weighty coils in a rollingmill. Due to the low amount of revolving mass, the rotational direction can be quickly changed, a feature very important in many test benches; when performing vibration tests on motorcycle forks or when testing the adjustment of wing flaps on aircraft. The components can perform up to 50 rotational direction changes per second. An exact adherence to the specified rotational speed profile is of essential importance for many fields of application of hydraulic motors. Here is a new generation of motors, for which a significantly improved constancy of rotational speed is achieved compared to conventional motors. www.jbj.co.uk/hydraulicmotors.html » high starting torque » immediately reversible » total efficiency up to 96% » extremely low moment of inertia » low maintenance » full torque available over complete speed range » shaft end can be subjected to high radial and axial forces » only very few moving parts in the rotating group » instrument shaft may be fitted » low leakage-built in wear compensation » suitable for use with fire resistant fluids » no counterpressure necessary when operated as a motor » suitable for use as pumps with boosted system » eminently suitable for control systems » control of feed and discharge possible » may be operated in parallel » small ports are B.S.P. type G threads according to ISO 22811 » SAE Flange connection HYDRAULIC MOTORS low speed, high torque (LSHT) 01737 767493 info@jbj.co.uk www.jbj.co.uk - registered in England No: 1185469 - jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/E requirements