ELIKA® Helical Gear Pumps

the new low noise, low pulsation gear pump reduces noise level by an average of 15 dBA
Including group 2, 3 and multiple pumps.

patented Elika low noise gear pump, profile is everything

ELIKA®, Marzocchi's new hydraulic gear pump is a perfect fit for all applications that require low noise levels.

The use of the new ELIKA® gear pump eliminates adverse noise effects on hearing and on the surrounding environment.

The ELIKA® gear pump
reduces the noise level by an average of 15 dBA compared with a conventional external gear pump.

noise comparisson graph of ELIKA® gear pump to standard group 2 pump

Pump Noise comparison [dBA]
Marzocchi GHP2 to ELIKA ELI 2, same displacement 17.8 cm3/rev.

ELIKA® is a patented product.


The group II ELI2 is the first in the series of ELIKA range and includes hydraulic gear pumps with displacement from 7 to 35 cm3/rev; perfectly interchangeable with the standard gear pumps ALP2 and GHP2 series.

The maximum operating pressures are similar to those of GHP2 series and extend up to 300 bar. The helical gear ensures the continuity of the motion despite the low number of teeth.

link to short filmThe low number of teeth reduces the fundamental frequencies of the pump noise, producing less sound.

The helical profile of the gears reduces pressure oscillations and vibrations produced by the pump and transmitted to the other components, reducing the noise of the hydraulic system. Axial forces induced by the helical teeth are optimally balanced in all operating conditions by the axial compensation system integrated in the pump cover.
Specific compensation areas into flange and cover, insulated by special gaskets reinforced with anti-extrusion, allow for fully free axial and radial movement of the bushings, which is proportional to pump operating pressure. In this way, internal leakage is dramatically reduced, ensuring very good volumetric and mechanical pump performances, as well as proper lubrication of pump’s moving parts.
ELIKA® pumps are available in both uni-directional clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.

ELI3 is the group III range in the ELIKA® series and includes pumps with displacement from 20.4 to 87.1 cm3/ rev; perfectly interchangeable with the standard gear pumps ALP3 and GHP3 series.
The maximum operating pressures are similar to those of GHP3 series and extend up to 300 bar.

link to on-line catalogue for the ELIKA® series gear pump, low noise, low pressure pulsation.The particular shape of the Elika® profile patented by Marzocchi Pompe, eliminates the phenomenon of encapsulation typical of normal gear pumps, deleting the source of the main cause of noise and vibrations.
The structure of the pump minimizes the internal leakage, maximizing the volumetric efficiency under all conditions.
This feature makes the Elika® hydraulic gear pump suitable for work operations with low speed and high pressure. The internal leakage, virtually eliminated in the Elika® pumps, laminating to outlet from the inlet, overheat the pump components.

Comparing the characteristics of the pumps Elika® with other kinds of volumetric pumps, it can be seen that they have a very high field of use like: the rotation speed, work pressure and viscosity range.

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